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出生於1981年英屬香港。持有英國國民海外國藉及護照。射手座,不羈放縱愛自由。懂粵語、國語、英語 和日語。學習過法語、德語及自學過韓語和阿拉伯語,可是已經完全忘記。已婚,育有三子及助養兩童。

喜歡旅遊,是因為在旅程上總是驚喜萬分,每次回國總是期待着下一次旅遊。第一次外遊是在十歲那年和家人跟團到北京,其後十八歲那年一個人到日本旅遊。到目前為止到過超過 50個國家乘坐過150次航班

十九歲時,開始在香港新界各區教授日語,並於三十五歲生日那天退休。退休後愛上了寫作、打機、閲讀、自駕看電影、寫網頁 和 研究古文明。

Hi! I'm Sony, Welcome to my website. I was born in British Hong Kong and i born on December, 1981. British National (oversea) Citizenship and hold a British passport. Also i spoken Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese and English. I'm Married and i have three kids.

I like travelling because it was thrilled and anxiety. I've traveled ever since I can remember when i was 10 and i traveled along with my family to went to Beijing, China. Since the age of 18, I traveled japan alone. But now i travelled to over 50 countries and 150 flights.

After taking the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Level N1, I started to teach japanese to the local children and Adults. But i retired at 35 years old and became a Indie Author.


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